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After finishing 3 years of Catering College I was lucky enough to be offered a position at Claridge's so jumped at the chance and moved to London with my good friend. Seven years later I was able to indulge me second passion in computing. I had been interested in computers sine an early age seeing the first BBC Micro and Lynx computers. I picked up a ZX Spectrum and tinkered most days and nights playing games and trying my hand at fixing it when it went broke which was quite often.

Changing from Food and Beverage to computing was quite a challenge but lots of tinkering and not giving up has paid off. After working for Aztec and Eclipse both specialising in the Exhibition and Conference market, I applied to Rocco Forte's Brown's Hotel and was offered the position of IT Manager for both the Hotel and for the Head Office just 5 minutes was away. Too this day I feel privileged to have worked in some of the best London Hotels working with fabulous people and made lots of friends for life including my wife Reni.

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